Architectural Office "Metropolis" started its activity in June 1997. The owner of that office, also the main designer arch. Remigiusz Smolik has worked as an architect since 1994.

Structure of organisation
Studio Metropolis is an employee for architects of staff. All branch engineers of the trade (over 30 people all together) have their companies and each time they make a contract with Metropolis.
All people co-working with Metropolis are experienced architects and engineers with practice by designing and constructing in Poland and abroad. Their enthusiasm and scrupulosity supply their experience.
Studio Metropolis takes full responsibility for quality and coordination of all designing activities.

Seat of the office
The seat of studio Metropolis is in an office building in the centre of Szczecin.
Studio Metropolis has never fallen into arrears with its payment for renting the office.

Office equipment
Since the beginning of the activity the specification has been prepared using the digital technique. In this moment the office is equipped with modern computers and legal programming for designing and investment managing. Computers, colourful plotter and printers, a scanner, etc. can be mentioned as the property of the firm. Data are recorded on CDs.
Contracts are made in Polish and English.

Studio Metropolis owns all the necessary insurance policies e.g.:
a) An insurance policy against errors or lack in a project. By today there has been no notification.
b) A policy against damaging of electronic equipment (flood, fire, burglary, etc.). The whole equipment in the office is insured and it would be possible to reconstruct the firm’s property without any detriment to the one ordering a project. Rates are paid currently.
c) A policy against flood, fire or other damages in office premises. Rates are paid currently.

Finance and financial reliability
Studio Metropolis makes its turnover and profits each year bigger.
Studio Metropolis has no long-term financial debts. All short-term debts are repaid currently. We have never fallen into arrears with any payment for taxes, leasing rates, bank rates, insurance rates for employers.

If you have any questions please contact us.
Among our clients are :
- Town Hall and municipalities
- public institutions
- high school
- private offices
- building corporations
- developers
and private people

In our office you can find some references.
Remigiusz Smolik

Architect, stipendist of Dutch university, graduated in 1994 on Technical University in Szczecin, received for his diploma the main prize of SARP (Polish Architects Society) in Poland; in 1997 he received the licence for designing and 2007 he received the title of expert; hi started his first job in very known office named Karalse van der Meer Architecten, he continued his experience in the best offices in Szczecin and Warsaw.
Małgorzata Rachowska
office director
tel. +48 531 703 503
Monika Robaszko-Kowalska
qualified architect
tel. +48 531 102 303
Anna Wiąckiewicz-Tobolska
tel. +48 531 303 208
Kamila Buczkowska
tel. +48 534 408 802
Izabela Syput
tel. +48 531 102 303
Jacek Grygo
qualified architect
tel. +48 780 144 881
Paweł Wysocki
tel. +48 531 609 607
Marta Sutowska
tel. +48 531 303 208
Małgorzata Pruchnicka
qualified architect
Magdalena Budzyńska
Sandra Rogozińska

Urszula Smolik

Izabela Marciniak-Machut

2018-11-29 / hotel Hamilton

Hotel Hamilton in Swinemonde receiver permission to use
The 26-th of November hotel Hamilton in Swinemonde received permission to use - the first guests will visit hotel in December


2018-10-30 / Gubin

w sobotę 27 października 2018r przecięto wstęgę i otwarto nową galerię handlową w Gubinie. ceremonię otwarcia poprzedziła oficjalna impreza na której wystąpił Krzysztof Krawczyk
On Saturday, 29.10.2018 was the official opening of new shopping mall. One day before was the concert of Krzysztof Krawczyk, very known star of pop music


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